How does the POD & iCLICK Work?

Both are very user friendly. Guests simply step into place and follow the prompts on the touch screen. It’s really as easy as smile, snap and print. If your guests wish to upload their photos to Social media the on screen prompts to accomplish this are simple to follow. To insure your guests have a great time, an attendant from snapPOD is always with the POD.

How do I rent a photo POD or iCLICK from snapPOD?

To rent a POD or iCLICK from snapPOD simply fill out the request form on the “rates” page with info on event type, location and duration of rental. Once we receive your request form we will contact you to discuss availability and next steps.

How many visits can be made during an event?

Your guests my visit the POD as iCLICK many times at they wish and on every visit two photo strips or one 4 x 6 photo will be printed in seconds. Typically when planning an event you can count on about 40+ visits per hour.

How much floor space is needed for the POD?

The POD will need 6ft. long x 6ft. wide of floor space and a ceiling height of 8.5ft. for the event. To display the props we will also need space for a 3ft. wide X 6ft. long table that we provide.

How much floor space is needed for the iCLICK?

The iCLICK with its background requires a space 8’ x 8’

How much time does snapPOD require for set up and take down?

We will need approximately one hour for setup and one hour for take down. If the event will be running longer than the time that snapPOD is scheduled to be in operation we recommend that the POD or iCLICK be placed in a location that will cause minimal distraction when we take down the photo booth and clean up.

How many people can fit into the POD?

Comfortably the POD accommodates up to 5 or 6 people.

What does the POD and iCLICK need in terms of electricity?

They will require one dedicated 10amp outlet.

Is an internet connection required for Social Media?

Yes an internet connection is required and we provide that connection through our Rogers Wireless Hotspot device. As long as we can receive signal guests may upload their photo’s at an event. If there is no Rogers wireless signal available in the area of the event we can also connect to any internet connection provided by the venue.

Can the POD be used in an outdoor setting?

Yes, the POD may be used in an outdoor setting. A level ground area and hydro are necessary. An alternate indoor area will be necessary in the event of the chance of rain. The POD cannot be easily relocated so if there is a chance of rain the POD will have to be located indoors.

How long does it take for event photos to be posted online? Can they be password protected for private viewing?

Your event photo gallery will be posted online within 48 hours of the event. Galleries can be password protected for private viewing. If you wish to have your gallery protected your guests will be provided your password when leaving the Photo POD so they can view the event photos when they are posted.

Do I receive a digital copy of the photos from my event?

At the end of the event you will receive a USB flash drive with all the event photos.

Can I personalize the photo prints?

You sure can! We’d be happy to personalize the photos with names, dates, monograms, logo’s or any other graphics that you provide. You may also choose one of our photo templates specifically designed for your party theme. If you still don’t see what you what you can also have our graphic artist create a completely custom layout.

Is a deposit required when renting the POD or iCLICK?

A non-refundable deposit of $99.00 is required when reserving the Pod or iCLICK for your event.  The remaining balance is due 15 days before the event date.