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Branding the POD with custom graphics or a company’s logo at your next event will let your guests know exactly where all the fun is. Your graphics can be displayed on the photo prints, the photo backdrop, the touch screen monitor inside the POD and most prominently on the outer walls of the POD. The four individual outer panels each measure 78” from floor to the roof and 35” wide so when the POD is fully wrapped with your graphics it is sure to make a visual impact.

How many panels you choose to wrap is up to you. If the POD is backed up against a wall you may wish to only wrap the front two panels but if the POD is in a location where guests will be walking around it you may prefer to wrap all four panels so your brand is seen from all sides of  the POD. Our social media component will ensure that your branding will be seen by countless people long after your event is done.

If you want to make an impact on your guests and by extension, their family and friends, this is the way to do it!